I’m Finally Doing It!

This is the start of my blog “WatchItWithFern”.

The name is down to the the reference it will have with what’s going on in life around us, we’ll be going on a journey together.

I’ve been postponing this for the longest time for many reasons, mainly because of the fear of not attracting many readers. But I’ve recently realised that the only obstacle in my way was myself.

I should put out MY best content and the right people will eventually begin to gravitate towards me.

Someone told me that: “the best thing to do when starting a blog is to just start” and that is exactly what I’m doing now.

I’ve been too caught up with over-thinking things to the point that I’ve wasted so much time. I should have started this a while ago. However, now I feel like I’m 100% ready to commit and produce the best content I can.

My love for film/sports/music or entertainment as a whole has driven me to do this (and a little push from my sister). So this blog will consist of various things, think of it as my public diary. It will be filled with my thoughts and opinion on a plethora of things.

Thank you for reading & I hope it’s the start of a habit!

Happy New Year!

3 thoughts on “I’m Finally Doing It!

  1. Welcome to the bloggers’ club! I totally understand the fear of just starting but once you release content because YOU love to write rather than look for validation, the people will come. Best of luck!

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