Headie-One Should’ve Known Better

So, earlier this week a video was floating around social media. Showing drill artist Headie-One being allegedly attacked by supposedly Bedfordshire University students.

Of course, this blew up significantly fast. Mainly because of the “image” or “persona” Headie-One has portrayed in his music. A lot of people were quick to question his credibility as well as his courage. Personally I believe that regardless of how “hard” someone is. No one is invincible and EVERYONE will have a day where they are caught slipping (caught with their pants down)

It’s surprising how much hate some people have for not only drill artists but artists in general. Why?

I believe it’s down to jealously and bitterness, but it comes with the package of being famous I guess. Especially if you’re in the field of “work” that Headie-One is.

Furthermore, Headie-One wasted no time in voicing his opinion on the matter with the timely release of “Know Better“. Absolute tune if you ask me, I never thought I’d enjoy a song with so many “shh” sounds in it!

HOWEVER, I’ve recently heard that Headie-One and his “partner in crime” RV have retaliated to the earlier issue and are in danger of facing jail-time. I’m not sure if this is true, I’m just speaking off what I’ve been hearing. But we will have to wait and see. If it is true then it completely goes against the song he just released. You really can’t be paying attention to small fish, this guys word play is too wavy and he could really take it somewhere. People will always try to find ways to bring you down or stop your growth because they are scared of being left behind. You really can’t allow them to do that.

“If a person can make me angry then they control me. Why should I give someone else such power over my life?” – Ben Carson.

It’s said that “There’s No Such Thing As Bad Publicity”. In terms of how the song “Know Better” came about it’s really exposed Headie-Ones work even more in my opinion. For instance, there has been a sudden emergence of a #KnowBetterChallenge on Twitter and Instagram. A couple of rappers have already put down some bars to the instrumental of the new song and I feel like there will be many more additions to come.

Additionally, be sure to check out Headie-One if you haven’t already. He’s a word-play magician

Anyway that’s all from me for now, thanks for reading and look out for more content!

God Bless.

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