So a Father Can’t Kiss His Kids Anymore?

Tragic lol.

The issue I’m referring to is the recent online uproar New England Patriots Quarter-Back “Tom Brady” caused for simply kissing his son on the lips…

There are too many perverted human beings in society nowadays. It’s extremely annoying. Since when was it a crime to kiss your child on the lips.

So because they can’t fathom the reality of kissing someone on the lips without associating sexual thoughts or actions with it. Does that now mean the rest of mankind have to follow suit and share the same silly mindset.

This isn’t the first time people have questioned a celebrity over PDA (Public Display of Affection). Former England captain David Beckham was criticised not too long ago for kissing his daughter on the lips. People really find it difficult to hold their lips and mind their own business.

For a lot of people, physical touch and words of affirmation are a love language and if that’s what it takes for a child to feel loved. It’s really a no-brainer for a parent to make sure they do what they can for the child to feel loved.

It may come to a surprise to many but IT IS possible to kiss someone without any intention of sexual pleasure… for example the Italians among other ethnicities are known for kissing each other as a means of greeting.

Really and truly, at the end of the day it depends on the person and their beliefs. Personally, I enjoy giving my niece’s & nephew’s kisses every now & again. I also plan on kissing my children when the time comes too. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with it.


The children were not distressed, uncomfortable, neither did they complain so kilode? (“what’s the issue” for my non-Yoruba readers)

It’s a shame that society have plummeted so low to have a trash mentality like this. Very irritating.

ANYWAY, let me stop while I’m ahead of myself. I told myself I’d keep it short and simple.

Parents are allowed…entitled even, to kiss their kids regardless of how old they are and it won’t, nor will it ever be any of your business if they choose to do so.

Catch you guys later

God Bless.

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