This New Nike Advert is Pretty Cool!

I just wanted to shed some light and give my opinion on the new Nike advert that celebrates the capital of London and the variety of people that live there.

Featuring the likes of Harry Kane, Skepta, J Hus, Alex Iwobi and many more. The 3 minute promotion basically brags about how amazing Londoners are. Being a Londoner for 20 years, you may think I’m being biased when I say the advert was amazing. But if you haven’t seen it already I implore you to have a look and I’m sure you’ll come to the same conclusion.

The advert portrays how everyday people (as well as the celebrities) have overcome obstacles in their lives to reach their goals or continue to work towards them. Such obstacles like family pressure, weather and travel problems and discrimination.

A funny part of the ad was when a girl was bragging about how she takes runs through Peckham at night. The illustration of the streets of Peckham was hilarious, with skeletons/ghouls as well as guys on quad bikes out to get her while she was running.

That was instantly followed by famous rapper Giggs whom is from Peckham. Looking rather offended, questioning the girls words by saying “What’s wrong with Peckham?!” That was a nice little touch in my opinion.

The advert has already been viewed hundred of thousands of times since it was put online. With many Londoners using this as a platform to tell everyone of their own trials and tribulations, as well as the pride they have from being a Londoner.

However, as expected some were not impressed with this advert. They felt like Nike were being exclusive to only London with some going as far as calling for rival company Adidas to come up with a similar advert for another British city.

I think Nike were absolutely right to choose London for their advert. This is because of the rich mixture of ethnicities and cultures that live within it. Unlike anywhere else in Britain. London is the most diverse by a mile.

People are ALWAYS going to complain regardless, they love to do so. But the right decision was made because London IS the best city…. why else would it be the capital!?


Anyway that’s all from me for now guys.

God Bless

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