Stormzy vs Theresa May and Co.

The annual BRIT Awards was on Wednesday 21st February, taking place at the O2 Arena in London. A plethora of personalities attended the event, some for entertainment, others with the hope of winning an award. The celebrity on the lips of everyone at the moment is grime star Michael Omari Jr. Popularly known as Stormzy, the rapper took home two awards on the night. “Best British Male & Best Album, beating commercial colossus Ed Sheeran to both.

An amazing accomplishment for the South London born star. However, it wasn’t his awards win that has him trending at the moment. That is down to his debut solo-performance at the BRITS (particularly his freestyle) where he called out the current occupant of No. 10 Downing Street Theresa May, and Co. regarding the issue of “Grenfell”.

The devastating fire of a tower block in Kensington on the 14th of June last year, that took so many lives due to negligence and idiocy.


As predicted, Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn was quick to congratulate Stormzy on his win and his performance. Adding the hashtag #Grenfell to add salt to the already opened wound of Theresa May and her posse of MP’s. Corbyn wasn’t the only politician to voice his support on the matter. Tottenham MP; David Lammy, also had good wishes for the rapper, saying something along the lines of “speaking truth to power”.

Yesterday, the matter was on BBC Radio 4 and Classic FM where they likened  Stormzy to a modern-day Shostakovich, as he too used his influence over others and his music to upset the government.

Stormzy also has fans within the CHURCH OF ENGLAND that has backed him, praising the determination of his faith in his music!


But I fear that the government will now have it out for Stormzy after pulling a stunt like that. The rapper even mentioned it in his freestyle during his performance “they’ll get me for this, so be woke“.

We have to protect Stormzy by any means possible!

He’s one of the few that have the guts to actually voice their disapproval with the actions of the authorities. And I respect him so much for having the courage to use the platform he has to share his opinions.

Will Theresa May actually do something about Grenfell

Can the government get any more rattled than they already are?

Will Stormzy catch a cold from performing topless in the rain?

Find out next time!

God Bless.

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