Fame: A Path Leading to Insanity?

Fame, to be famous…

Society does an extremely effective job in making it look all glitz and glam on TV and via the internet. But; behind the whole “La Vida Loca” lifestyle, celebrities are suffering from drug addiction & abuse to a variety of mental illnesses.

I feel like this is always the end game to fame, excluding a handful of individuals that haven’t allowed the beast we call fame to consume them and leave just a shell of what they once were behind. The ones that weren’t so lucky however are in the hundreds, a number that just keeps on increasing. The thought of constantly being in the public gaze, being under constant scrutiny. This will gradually weigh down even the strongest person, the stifling feeling of not being able to be yourself anymore because of what people may think or because of the image you have to uphold to the public.

Before you begin to scream “You shouldn’t care what others think”, we have to take into consideration that a celebrity is nowhere near as effective without their following. So to quickly disregard the thoughts and feelings of the said following, will be detrimental to the career they worked so hard to establish.

Child stars are the most vulnerable in cases like this. Children will always look for validation from people around them, so being around the wrong people will seriously damage their development. A perfect example of this is the majority of Disney stars that starting acting from a young age. Raven Symone, Orlando Brown, Miley Cyrus, Lindsey Lohan etc.

What do these celebs have in common?

They were all young stars that experienced breakdowns, both mentally and physically due to being constantly in the spotlight. They turned to drugs for comfort. (Orlando and Lindsey more so than the others). When I say drugs I don’t mean your common spliff of weed. I’m talking about Heroin, Cocaine, Pills etc

My point is that parents are so keen to enrol their kids to be young celebrities nowadays they forget they need to also have a constant and stern presence in their child’s life to keep them afloat and avoid the “downward spiral” that we have seen so many times before. That is the difference between the kids that have gone through young stardom and come out fine, in contrast to the ones that are now washed up addicts… the actions of the parents/carers.

With fame, making a mistake is the be all or end all. And for a celebrity, knowing that can mess with your head on another level, thus causing outbursts of erratic behaviour.

I just COULDN’T talk about erratic behaviour without mentioning Kanye West…


His recent comments on Twitter regarding his support of current POTUS Donald Trump have caused an uproar amongst black people. But the majority of the anger/disapproval is directed towards Kanye saying that “slavery was an option“. As well as the musician comparing himself to slavery revolutionists such as Harriet Tubman.

Many believe that it is all a ruse to gain promotion for his upcoming album. I accept that this method has been used before by other musicians but I believe that Kanye really is in the “sunken place”. He just hasn’t seemed right ever since the death of his mother, something he blames himself for.

Being affiliated with the Kardashians doesn’t exactly help either, anyone that comes into close contact with that family seems to go insane one way or another. Also with fame having the same effect on people as a drug, it could also be a way of catching everyone’s attention. Which only gives the whole album promotion argument even more plausible.

In conclusion, I wouldn’t particularly want to be famous. Just successful. Because once you’re famous, people will pray and plot on your downfall. So personally, I would rather live my life privately and comfortably.

God Bless.

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