False Accusations?

As of late, people have felt that little bit more encouraged to come out about harassment/rape. That is a good thing, these are things I, personally don’t condone. Along with 99% of the population.

However, there have also been a plethora of false cases here and there that have been brought to respective authorities out of spite or other malicious reasons.

In terms of valid cases, the most recent and memorable was the case against Bill Cosby. The 80-year old has been convicted of many counts of sexual assault and looks to spend the rest of his life behind bars. I just “googled” the guy to find out his age and it looks like Wikipedia haven’t wasted time in updating their description of the guy. “Sex offender” is there for all to see.

I’m not saying he doesn’t deserve to be shamed, I have no doubt that he’s guilty but it is just upsetting how easy it is for a decorated career, such as his to be tarnished forever. I never found Bill funny but other people did and I’m sure his incarceration will upset that particular group.

Moreover, Morgan Freeman has recently been accused of similar acts and I just refuse to believe it. I need some solid proof, it’s starting to seem like all the distinguished black celebrities are being targeted.

Jimmy Saville was out here touching kids for God knows how long, “supposedly” unknown to everyone. Isn’t it convenient how when he was finally outed for his crimes the guy was already 6-feet under? Like c’mon… you’re telling me NO ONE knew about the shenanigans he was getting up to? Qwhite strange.

That is a load of cow poo if you ask me.

I bet you guys haven’t heard of Jeffrey Epstein, a banker/financier and convicted sex offender. This guy has a whole island where he has kidnapped kids and uses them as prostitutes for all the twisted paedophiles of the world. Don’t believe me? GOOGLE it.

I don’t want to play the race card, but a man of colour could never DREAM of getting away with shit like this the way Jeffrey is. Bill Clinton has been rumoured to have visited this so-called island, as Jeffrey and the Clintons are good friends. What really amazes me is that this guy hasn’t been confronted.

What kind of connections does he have? It’s scary to think about…

I’ll stop while I’m ahead.

In conclusion, we shouldn’t throw people like Morgan Freeman to the wolves just yet. Because false accusations have been thrown around a lot. For media attention or just because someone wants to be a real asshole and mess with someone’s life.

So slow your roll coach, let’s wait and see how this case unfolds.

God Bless.

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