Are Millennials Too Nostalgic?


Looking back on events, people or actions that are sentimental to you or that have shaped your childhood. Apparently, millennials are the most nostalgic generation ever. Constantly looking back, some would say even living in the past. I must admit, even if this is true, you can’t blame us.

Each generation will say they had the best childhood, so excuse my biased opinion when I say… my generation had the best childhood. Millennials were lucky enough to grow up during the “transitional” stage, from analog to digital. We got to appreciate the things that have become a norm today. Children of present don’t have anything to compare with the technological & cultural changes they see today. This will sound cliche, but “when times were simpler

Who remembers;

When cable TV only gave you the choice of 5 channels? Now we have Freeview.

When you had to do the mannequin challenge to ensure that song successfully sent via infrared? Now we can stream millions of songs effortlessly.

When dial up internet was a reality & WiFi was a concept? Now we’re free of the boops & beeps.

When hanging up the phone with vim was always an option due to flip/slide phones? Now everything has a touchscreen.

When you could leave your house with £3 in your pocket & have the time of your life? Even a meal deal is £5 now smh.

When Teletext was the only “TV guide” you knew about? R.I.P. Teletext.

I can already see how old these questions make me look. L o l

Think about how things were when you were a child. Now look at things today, so much has changed. Not necessarily for the worse, recent technology has been revolutionary in everyday lives. But there will always be things that you will miss being able to experience and/or do.

For example, I mentioned earlier about having 5 channels on TV to choose from. Yes, that sounds extremely boring for the younger audience & I will forever be grateful for Netflix & satellite TV. But even with only 5 channels, we made it work. Plus life before reality tv was bliss.

Still on the matter of TV, Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon, Boomerang, Disney & Trouble were extremely influential channels in my childhood. It shaped my personality and how I react to certain situations. You don’t really see the same life lessons shown via these channels anymore though.

I’m not saying that things should go back to how they were but I’m just making it known that I am grateful to have grown up in that era. I genuinely feel privileged.

Furthermore, many things make me feel nostalgic. But nothing has a bigger impact than music does. My choice in music is mainly influenced by nostalgia. I like to associate a piece of music with a memory or feeling. That’s why my playlist would seem rather random to a stranger. There’s no sense of pattern. I have a bit of everything. But each one holds somewhat of a sentimental value.

Do you guys have any pieces of music or film that holds sentimental value to you? Something that mentally transports you back in time? Makes you remember exactly how you were feeling or what you were doing the first time you heard it. Or is it just me?

It’s an open debate. Millennials would say they aren’t too nostalgic, that we are as nostalgic as the next generation. It isn’t a secret how millennials are a constant target for criticism and scrutiny. And this sounds like another session of target practice.

I still stand by my decision that millennials had the best upbringing and had the privilege to witness & enjoy such one of the most innovative periods of history.

But, I’m not here to make your decision up for you, that’s your job.

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