Dark Skin

This was one of the two biggest insecurities I had growing up, alongside my stammer. I’m relatively over both now. However, the journey I embarked on to get here was tough.

People don’t notice or choose not to pay as much attention to the negative effect that having dark skin can have on a man as much as they do with a woman in society. I guess because with being MEN, we should be emotionally stronger and be able to withstand much more than the opposite sex. That shouldn’t be the case.

My earliest memory with my insecurity about my dark skin, was in primary school. The kids would turn the lights off in the changing rooms during P.E. and giggle with one another because I had “supposedly” performed a magic trick & disappeared. If it wasn’t silly jokes/gestures like that, then it was

Dark skin isn’t a burden, nor is it an excuse to beat down on yourselfKyle Stanley (OdysseyOnline)

Having dark skin is apparently “popular” today. But it definitely wasn’t when I was in school. Nowadays, it’s more fetishised than accepted. If you were to come across a dark skinned person on social media, 9 times outta 10 it’s accompanied with the chocolate and tongue emoji. Or, it is being sexualised in some way shape or form.

Listen… so many people are sheep & it makes me sick. A lot of the people that shunned me for how dark I was (especially girls) or making stupid remarks & jokes, are the same ones that are screaming and putting heart eyes under the posts of individuals like Stormzy & Kofi Siriboe. Or proclaiming their love for dark skinned women.

Where was this energy when we were in school?

This is why I will never let this current “trend” get to my head, or “gass me” because who knows, it could all end tomorrow. That’s just how trends are.

Moreover, It never got to the point where I felt like I should bleach my skin. And I’ve come across many testimonies from people talking about how they felt like they were pushed to do so.

Coincidentally, this week a woman I know was interviewed by the BBC concerning this very subject & how herself and a friend felt like they had to bleach to “fit in”. No one can tell me anything: Kids can be the meanest little shits known to mankind.

It’s comforting to know I can relate with other people. And knowing that I wasn’t the only person that went through that stage during school. Because at the time, it genuinely felt like it was only happening to me.

Anyway, for myself personally everything that happened has been forgiven… but not forgotten.