Is Being Metrosexual Normal Now?

What is a Metrosexual you ask?

First of all, what rock have you been living under? Secondly a metrosexual is a heterosexual male that enjoys partaking in activities that normally a female or a homosexual male would (excluding the sexual stuff). For example: shopping, fashion, skin care etc.

This term came to prominence in 1994, before I was even born. And I feel like I fall into this bracket. I enjoy buying new stuff, I take pride in how I look and I have a skincare routine #FineBoyNoPimple.

A single man with a high disposable income living or working in the city is perhaps the most promising consumer market of the decade – Mark Simpson, 1994

Now, I don’t have a high disposable income yet but this was 1994, products are much easier to come by today and can be brought literally anywhere.

What I’m thinking now is, has it become more of a norm among black men throughout the years than it was in 1994?

I grew up in south east London, the youngest of 4 children and the only boy. I grew up around women, exposed to different things. From face masks to body salts and everything in-between. I guess that’s the reason behind my urge to want to look good and the interest I have in personal hygiene routines.

More men are becoming less embarrassed to admit to looking after themselves and taking an interest into fashion. Guys are getting pedicures and manicures, following fashion changes and developments just as much as women do nowadays.

Before all this, give a guy a bar of soap and some deodorant and he’s happy. But in 2018, the variation of skin and hair care products that are available for men are amazing. It’s just as vast as the women’s. Getting ready for a night out would have taken 10-15 minutes for the average man before 1994. Today I’d say it takes me and probably every other metrosexual close to 40 – 60 minutes. This is down to the creams and lotions that are available.

I found out recently that men only washed their balls, ass and armpits while in the shower. I don’t know if that’s true but the diagram was hilarious. Anyway, it was no surprise that a shower took 5-8 minutes if that’s all they were scrubbing.

You’ll usually start caring about your appearance once you hit adolescence. That’s when pimples start appearing. Your body is constantly changing and that’s when most metrosexual men are born. During their teenage years. Some guys still don’t see getting a pedicure or manicure or being conscientious of personal hygiene in general as “masculine”. But that’s why they have dragon claws. Their feet and hands look like something out of Game of Thrones.

It’s a Man’s World. I’ve seen the future of masculinity and it’s moisturised. – Mark Simpson, GQ exhibition, 1994

Coconut Oil or Cocoa Butter was the default moisturiser for black men in the past and still is in some respect. But new lotions have come into the mix and have drew the attention of many a men to try something new.

Even the management of beards, with shampoo, conditioners and oils. It’s all falls under the characteristics of a metrosexual man. You’re taking time out of your day to groom yourself.

At the end of the day: Take care of your body and it will take care of you.


God bless.